Always seeking that magical light which brings out the full depth and soul of a landscape and the people inhabiting it, Philippe Bourseiller travels through the vast open spaces that Nature has created on our planet with his Canon in hand. For nearly fifteen years, his fascination with all that is extreme in Nature (volcanoes, huge deserts of sand and ice) has led him to scour the planet in order to provide us with photographic testimonies of these wonders.


"These landscapes are constantly changing, and photography is the best way to follow their changes and better understand their upheavals and the permanent adaptation of the people who live there."


In 1983, he joined the staff of France Soir Magazine. This was his initiation to color photography, and all types of subjects were seen through the eye of his camera : current events, people, sports, expeditions... From 1987 to 1990 he is a member of the magazine department at the Sygma Agency and is progressively drawn towards what will become his subject of predilection: Nature.

In 1991, his decision to become a free-lance photographer was motivated by his desire to specialize in subjects related to Nature and the Environment. That same year, his first series of photographs on the eruption of Mount Pinatubo became the turning point in steering a major portion of his work towards the world of active volcanoes.


Philippe Bourseiller is a fieldwork photographer, knowledgeable and highly competent in climbing mountains, exploring caves, diving to great depths. His experience and physical capacities have enabled him to work easily in extreme conditions in the natural realms to which he is drawn thereby allowing him to share the rare sights of them with us. Recognized worldwide for his mastery of light, color, and layout he has received several World Press Awards and a Visa d’Or at the International Photo-journalism Festival in Perpignan, France.


He frequently collaborates with world renowned magazines such as Geo, Paris Match, Stern, Life, National Geographic... and has published over twenty books that have been translated into several languages.