Since 2001, nearly 5 million visitors have come to share their passion for volcanoes in different European cities.

The exhibition "Volcanoes and Humankind" seeks to make us discover the fascinating world of volcanoes and shed light on the diversity of relationships Humans have been weaving with these magical mountains since ancient time. While being inaccessible to most of us, Philippe Bourseiller brings the realm of volcanoes within our grasp. It is a tribute to the majesty of our planet. Beyond the beauty of the images it presents, this exhibition has the virtue of making us reflect on our relationship to Nature. It reminds us that under the asphalt of our cities is lurking a Living Planet. Faced with a volcanic eruption, Humankind realizes his true dimension in the face of Nature.

The exhibition "Volcanoes and Humankind" brings together 100 of the most striking large format photographs to be exhibited for a minimum period of two months. Ideally this exhibition lends itself to outdoor public spaces such as parks, street side, docks or gardens but may also be presented indoors. The installation itself is flexible depending on the exhibition site.

Lighted at night, “Volcanoes and Humankind” is meant to be free of access to the greater public. Each photograph is accompanied by clear and informative caption in multiple languages. A geologist is made available to make guided tours aimed at school classes who wish to deepen their knowledge of volcanoes. The subject is a part of most school curriculum. For this purpose, a teaching document containing 70 questions is equally made available to the teachers and children to complete their visit.

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